30 Years Ago Today, the Chinese Government Declared Martial Law

By , May 19, 2019

To deal with the student and worker protests on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, on May 19, 1989, the Chinese government instituted a news black out and declared martial law to go into effect the next day. Read a news account of that day – May 20, 1989 – from the Chicago Tribune. A few weeks later, tanks would enter Beijing killing hundreds to thousands of students, workers and civilians. #Tiananmen30


The government Saturday imposed martial law on Tiananmen Square and the center of the city, ordered a news blackout and moved in soldiers as part of a crackdown on tens of thousands of students demonstrating for democracy.
There were reports that hundreds of people fought hand to hand with troops trying to enter the capital. Witnesses told Reuters news agency that workers and peasants battled unarmed troops on the main road leading into Beijing . . .[read full article]
Chinese students and civilians peacefully stop the troops from entering Beijing. May 20, 1989.

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  1. china labour solidarity says:

    On Saturday June 1st at 1pm, there will be a picket of the Chinese embassy, 49 Portland Place, London. The picket will commemorate the student protests of 1989 and their suppression on June 4th. We will raise demands related to the Chinese labour movement and the struggle for human rights in China today.

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