Articles in Support of Restoring the China & Hong Kong Fulbright Programs

By , December 14, 2020

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Patrick Mendis & Dominique Reichenbach, Damage Control Dilemma: How Can Biden Best Repair America’s Tarnished Image? The National Interest (Jan. 31, 2021), at

Brian Wong, U.S.-China: An argument for renewed engagement, SupChina (Jan. 21, 2021), at

Stephen Orlins, How Joe Biden’s America and China can turn the page on a rocky relationship, South China Morning Post (Jan. 14, 2021), at

Elizabeth M. Lynch, Derk Bodde and why we need to restore the China Fulbright program, China Law & Policy (Nov. 30, 2020), at

Hannah Corn, Trump killed the China Fulbright program. Biden can bring it back, Responsible Statecraft (Nov. 29, 2020), at

David Wertime, Time for the West to revisit its China narratives, Politico (Nov. 18, 2020) (quoting Prof. Michael Myer), at

Elizabeth M. Lynch, Biden should bring back the China Fulbright program, SupChina (Nov. 11, 2020), at

Cheng Li and Ryan McElveen, A list of specific, actionable foreign policy ideas for the next president, Brookings Institution (Oct. 27, 2020), at

Casper Lant, Why we need a Fulbright China program, China-US Focus (Oct. 9, 2020), at

Megha Rajagopalan, Hai-Ching Yang, and Julia Fan, Fulbright’s exit from China and Hong Kong, NuVoices (Sept. 6, 2020), at

Denise Glover, Cutting off Fulbright exchange program further shrinks our world, The Seattle Times (Aug. 20, 2020), at

James V. Wertsch and Mark S. Wrighton, Why Donald Trump’s order to end China Fulbright exchange is dangerous, The South China Morning Post (July 30, 2020), at

Amanda H. Schmidt, Barring Fulbright scholars in Hong Kong and China will only hurt U.S. interests, (July 24, 2020), at

Scott Laderman, Trump’s ending of the Fulbright programme in Hong Kong and China damages US soft power, The South China Morning Post (July 23, 2020), at

Eleanor Albert, The cost of ending Fulbright in China, The Diplomat (July 22, 2020), at

Letter to the Editor, Bring back Fulbright exchange programme with Hong Kong and China that Trump seeks to end, The South China Morning Post (July 18, 2020), at

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