Frank Upham in Wuhan – On a Research Trip, May – June 1989

By , July 7, 2019

Prof. Frank K. Upham

Today, Professor Frank Upham is the Wilf Family Professor of Property Law at NYU School of Law, a faculty advisor to the US-Asia Law Institute, and a noted expert on both Japanese and Chinese law.

But back in the spring of 1989 Professor Upham was a researcher at Wuhan University faculty of law and as a result witnessed the pro-democracy protests that were also occurring in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei Province. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the 1989 Wuhan protests online but what we do have is Professor Upham’s memories of the Wuhan University students who took to the streets in the spring of 1989.  Professor Upham offers a rare, eye-witness account of those protests as well as his impressions of the events.

Listen to the Interview with Frank Upham:

Length: 40 minutes

Click Here To Open A PDF of the Transcript of the Interview with Frank Upham

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