The Chinese Government’s Purposeful Creation of the Term “Leftover Women”

By , December 30, 2018

Dr. Leta Hong Fincher, author of Leftover Women

In 2014, with the publication of her groundbreaking book Leftover Women: The Resurgence of Gender Inequality in China, Dr. Leta Hong Fincher first exposed the Western world to the Chinese government’s very intentional creation of the term “leftover woman” and its goal to pressure well-educated, urban women to marry young at all costs, including missing out on one of the largest accumulations of wealth in Chinese history, China’s property boom.

In January 2015, soon after Leftover Women’s publication, China Law & Policy had the opportunity to interview Dr. Fincher on the Chinese government’s backtracking on women’s rights and its encouragement of traditional gender roles.

Listen to the Interview with Leta Hong Fincher:

Length: 23:10 minutes

Click here to open a PDF of the Transcript of the Leta Hong Fincher Interview.

If the length of the interview is too long for one sitting, check out our “two-part breakdown” of the 23 minute interview:

Part 1 – It’s All Wrong, But It’s Alright: Women in Today’s China – 14:05 minutes

Part 2 – Heaven Help the Working Girl: The Impact of the Law on Women in China – 10:15 minutes

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