#Tiananmen30 – Eyewitnesses to History – CL&P’s Series with Those in China on June 4, 1989

By , July 7, 2019
Students protesting in Beijing in the spring of 1989

Student protests, Beijing, Spring 1989

In commemorating the 30th anniversary in June 2019, China Law & Policy sat down with three people who were in different parts of China in the spring of 1989.  Each makes clear that the protests, and the demands for reform, were not limited to Beijing.  It was a nationwide movement that spanned various segments of society – students, workers, merchants, parents.  Hear from each the amazing hope that was building up in May 1989, only to be crushed by the Chinese government’s killing of hundreds, if not thousands, of unarmed civilians in Beijing.

Please click on the links below to either listen to the interview or read the transcript.

Frank Upham in Wuhan – On a Research Trip, May – June 1989

Teng Biao in Jilin Province – High School Student in 1989

Andrea Worden in Changsha – Teaching English at Hunan Medical College, August 1988 – June 1989

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